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Secure Coding Training

Teach modern secure
coding practices

Teach modern secure coding practices

Replace ineffective secure coding
quizzes with hands-on labs

Embed security
from the start

Embed security from the start

Save time and lower the cost
of reactively addressing vulnerabilities

Measure real competency
in secure coding

Measure real competency in secure coding

Real-world exercises, built-in analytics, and powerful reporting

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What Makes Us Different

SecureFlag is the only 100% hands-on Secure Coding Training platform for Developers & DevOps engineers.

No secure coding quizzes

Quizzes, slides, and videos are inadequate – that’s why 20 years old vulnerabilities still exist.

No secure coding quizzes

Learn defensive programming through real-world vulnerabilities

No contrived examples. Hands-on learning through real-world vulnerabilities that have led to recent security breaches, our platform continuously evolves to incorporate the latest advances in modern secure coding practices.

learn defensive programming

Real, fully configured, development environments

Exercises run in real development environments created in seconds and accessed through the web browser. It seamlessly fits into your SDLC, and developers are trained with the same IDE and tools being used at the workplace.

real development environments

Adaptive Learning

Our platform incorporates the latest advances in modern secure coding practices. Plus, it delivers on-demand “Adaptive AppSec Learning” through individualized learning paths, real-time feedback, and content tailored to the needs of each learner. What we don’t offer is a "one size fits all" learning experience!

adaptive learning

Metrics for a better learning strategy

Continual advancement is possible with metrics that flag strengths and weaknesses in your development teams. Our dashboard enables more informed decisions by highlighting areas for individual and organizational improvement.

secure coding metrics

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SecureFlag Platform

SecureFlag for ENTERPRISE

Through our platform, developers learn how to identify and remediate real security issues using familiar tools and technologies, in an authentic development environment. The best of in-class and computer-based training for real results!

The SecureFlag promise: no ineffective secure coding quizzes or boring slide shows. Only personalized learning, real-world examples, and hands-on practice!

Security starts
with the first

SecureFlag for COMMUNITY

SecureFlag is a proud partner of the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), a dedicated non-profit foundation passionate about improving software security.

We believe that we have a responsibility to give back to the community. And it is this social conscience that prompted us to build the open-source SecureFlag Open Platform for security researchers.

SecureFlag and OWASP have partnered to offer OWASP members access to a reserved instance of the SecureFlag platform.