Application Security Training
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Boost Your AppSec Training Program

  • Teach modern secure coding practices with on-demand hands-on training
  • Embed security from the start, reduce time and resources in addressing security bugs
  • Measure real competency in secure coding through real-world exercises and relevant analytics

AppSec Training for Developers

Learn how to identify, exploit and remediate security issues.
100% Hands-On

Access your dedicated desktop environment, available in seconds through a web browser

Learn secure coding techniques using the same tools and technologies used at the workplace

SecureFlag Platform

Access a continuously updated library of exercises based on real-world vulnerabilities

Align developers skills to the company’s mission with training that adapts to previous results and goals

Setup Tournaments to engage the entire developer community in your organization

Create new exercises using the open source SecureFlag SDK

Measure real competency in secure coding through relevant analytics

Replace ineffective secure coding quizzes with hands-on exercises

Product Editions


  • Platform
    Fully managed training platform

  • Exercises
    Premium Exercises included
    new exercises every week

  • Pricing
    Annual subscription
    per user

Enterprise Edition Features
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  • Platform
    Recommended up to 30 users

  • Exercises
    Community Exercises
    from Exercise Hub

  • Pricing
    *AWS Costs excluded

Community Edition Features
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Exercise Languages

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